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Designing for tomorrow & beyond.

Weave is a UI/UX and Visual design firm that is working with visionaries who are building technologies that are magical.

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We're at a pivotal moment in time.

Weave started in 2020, to create experiences and interactions that people love. Now, technological progress is on a trajectory that we have never experienced before. AI, Biotech, Space Exploration, Fusion Energy, are all happening now. In our lifetime.

Weave is now on a mission to fundamentally rethink what it means to design.

We're accelerating.

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What we do

We believe in science. We start with a hypothesis (strategy), we then experiment (design) and then analyze the data (analytics).

  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Strategy
  • Content Strategy

  • Product Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Design
  • AI Product Design
  • Prototyping

  • Behavior Tracking
  • User Testing
  • User Research
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Designing a Lifestyle Improvement App for Chronic Condition Patients

Product Design | Product Strategy

Crafting an Informational Website Geared for Better Results

UI/UX Design

Designing a web experience tailored for conversions

Shopify Design | UI/UX Design

Designing the Future of Cybersecurity

Product Design | UI/UX Design

End-to-End Automation for Hydroponic Farms

Product Design | UI/UX Design

Redefining Patient Health at Every Point of Care

Product Design | UI/UX Design
Adroit Vantage

Innovating the Wealth Management Experience

Product Design | UI/UX Design

End-to-End Automation for Hydroponic Farms

Product Design | UI/UX Design
Schooly Client Cover Image

Redefining Parent-Teacher Coordination for Nursery Kids

Product Design | UI/UX Design

Fabrik is infinite design.

Fabrik is an unlimited, subscription based design service that scales with you. We believe that design today is not just iterative, but also inter-disciplinary, and that's exactly what Fabrik is designed to solve.

It's an entire design team, at a click of a button.

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Fabrik by Weave Cover

Gaurav Narang, CEO, City GreensMatt Taylor, General Manager - US + International, WaggleDr. Satish Madiraju, CEO, AwareDr. Deepu Alexendar, CEO, KennarMuzammil Nabi, CTO, Traincel
Hear from our partners

They're are a great bunch with a great team! I wish them all the best.

Gaurav Narang

Chief Executive Officer
Hear from our partners

We came in with a brand identity, and the team was able to seamlessly pick it up and integrate it across all our customer touch points. Fabrik is a great service!

Matt Taylor

General Manager - US + International
Hear from our partners

The team is super nimble and agile. They've integrated like an early-stage hire.

Dr. Satish Madiraju

Chief Executive Officer
Hear from our partners

They're a young, creative team that could go toe-toe with any UI/UX firm. They're responsive, flexible and easy to work with.

Dr. Deepu Alexendar

Chief Executive Officer
Hear from our partners

Impressed by the team from the first call. They did an absolutely amazing job on our website, and I'm yet to find someone better!

Muzamil Nabi

Chief Technical Officer

It all starts with an idea.

Let's weave together

The Nature of UX.

At Weave, we realize the importance of approaching design by understanding the nature of interaction, and ultimately experience. This allows us to create clear cut frameworks to approach design, by breaking down design into fundamental ideas.

One of the ideas we take inspiration from is the physical fabric of space-time and how objects interact with it.

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Hand reaching for stars in the night sky

Our Expansion.

Peter Thiel said, “The field of dreams conceit is especially popular in Silicon Valley, where engineers are biased towards building cool stuff rather than selling it.”

In 2020, we started our journey to design magical experiences. Now, we're taking our drive to the next level. Now, we're accelerating.

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View of Silicon Valley from Twin Peaks, symbolizing the navigation required to reach goals within a complex technological system.