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The Fundamental Nature of UX

Weave is a product design company that is working with visionaries who are building technologies that are magical.

Illustration depicting the interplay between human and machine, shown through a robotic hand interacting with a round object

At Weave, we realize the importance of approaching design by understanding the nature of interaction, and ultimately experience. This allows us to create clear cut frameworks to approach design, by breaking down design into fundamental ideas.

One of the ideas we take inspiration from is the physical fabric of space-time and how objects interact with it. In our case, we look at space not as a 3-dimensional space, but rather as an information space. Think of everything you sense around you as bits of information.

Illustration of an exploding book, symbolizing the complexity of information users navigate and the importance of clear design in user experience

Users navigate different bits of information
(like how objects with mass navigate space),
and make decisions on the basis of the information that is presented to them.

As designers, our goal is to create the simplest configurations of information that optimize the user's experience in accomplishing those goals.

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